Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Home for The Burkes :]

While I had decided that I was going to skip the blogging this week to start really organizing my home. I have been ALL OVER Passionate Homemaking's blog this week gathering references and material, and so far it's working great.

But I did want to share this piece of *possible* exciting news...
We may be homeowners soon! There's a possibilty we will be moving to Rockport this summer into our own HOME! Not a an apartment, but A HOUSE!
We...I swore up and down that I would never, ever, EVER move back to that town, but the more we talked about it, all of the things we hated about growing up there were the rooted in cranky teen angst. Here's how it's panned out so far:

  • We won't get to go cross country with the Brownings this summer:[ We're actually really bummed about this. These are both once in a lifetime opportunities, so the decision will not be taken lightly.
  • It's mother flippin humid in Rockport. Seriously, this is all I can think about. The humidity is debilitating sometimes, AND I'll have to cut off all my hair again, bc I'm not even gonna try to work with it again. Plus, I have no idea how Lily is gonna adjust to that...
  • We have, surprisingly, found our way into friendships with a few families here. While I know I find these relationships way more serious than my counterparts, it's tough.
  • Along with that, my birth team, photographers, healthcare providers, etc. are all here. AH!

  • My whole family, including my inlaws, are all in Rockport. The lack of family here is very, very hard sometimes.
  • Our church family is there! HELLO? I hate to say this, but every church I've stepped foot in here enrages me. Coastal Oaks Church makes me feel at home, and I feel Jesus every time I walk through the doors.
  • WATER! I cannot express how landlocked we feel here. Everyone talks about the "lakes" you have here...but you seriously have no idea how depressing it is seeing LAND on the other side when you're used to looking out across the blue...ahem, brown expanse of water only interupted by boats and barges. Being able to take Lily to the beach any day of the week will be so amazing. Who's dream isn't to live on the beach?
  • And with that, fish! My diet, well all of our diets will be SO much better with the amazing access of local, FRESH fish! And I can't wait to teach Lily! I've known how to fish ever since I was little, as well as my sisters. And now that the Lord has given his gracious blessing for me to eat [and kill! EEK!] fish, I'm ever so excited to get my pole, some stinky shrimp and sit on the peir with my family...ahhh. Oh! And wait til my dad realizes he can take Lily out on his boat...Oh gosh...think about her chubby cheeks in a life jacket!
  • We found a midwife [for the inevitable eventuality of pregnancy] that used to go to church with us! Bless her in her efforts to bring the option of homebirths to the area!
  • The house we are looking at will cost us no more than $40k. That's right- 4-0 thousand. Eamon's dad got an amazing deal on a house at a tax auction.
  • The house is a block from the H-E-B [miss that place SO much!] and just down the street from the high school...which meeeans,
  • I GET TO HEAR THE MARCHING BAND PRACTICE! I know it must drive some people CRAZY, but I love hearing the crappiest of crappy high school bands, and ours is far from that. Who knows...maybe I can do some good for that place... Whoa, whoa, whoa, getting ahead of myself!

As you can see, the pros far outway the cons. The three of us will be going down to Rockport for my biggest little sister's graduation at the end of May to check out the house, and if we like it, we'll be moving mid-summer. Whooooo...breathe! I don't know how this is gonna turn out, but I'm really, REALLY excited. And I never thought I would be.

OX, Mae


Heather Dessinger said...

Oh wow, that is big news! Sounds like a great opportunity but you will be missed here if you decide to go!!!

Michelle said...

My Dearest Mae,

I would miss your face terribly. And I would dearly miss Lily's chubby face as well...BUT... I realize I cannot keep you to myself forever. :)

I think this opportunity sounds UH-mazing!! I got excited for you just reading this post!!! I would give ANYTHING to live close to the ocean. And thought of raising my children close to one just thrills my soul to no end! I absolutely don't blame you ONE bit for wanting that for sweet Lils. :)

I also know the hardship of raising a child(ren) without any family around. IT. IS. HARD. I pray the Lord gives you a peace and comfort in this decision and that you and Eamon can embrace the adventure no matter where it is !! I love you, friend!!

Debi said...

That's a great way to look at change. You'll be blessed as you keep that perspective. I haven't visited your blog in a while - I'll be back. Good stuff here.