Sunday, April 18, 2010

What are you feeding her?!?!?! April

Clean plate after a lunch of chopped greens, olives, tomatoes, Greek lentils, and yogurt tahini sauce. Clean hair, not so much :]

On behalf of Lily's growth spurt today...whew...I believe it is time for another installment of "What are you feeding her!?!?!?!"
[If you want to see last month's post, you can go here ;]

Now, THIS is unusual, but I noticed today, Lily was being a little adventurous in her eating habits. She is going through a growth spurt for sure.
Here is what she had today from 3-6:30
3:00 About a quarter cup each of brown rice and beans. The beans were butter beans and kidney beans [both have skins that are really easy to peal off] with diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, and a little green pepper.
4:00 I left a portion of my Greek Yogurt [goat milk hurts meh tummy less] without honey so Lily could try some. Before I knew it, both of her hands, her face, and my knee were covered in yogurt, and my yogurt serving was drastically reduced. [No babies were harmed by honey in the making of this update]
4:30 Nap time in the pompason. We napped/nursed till 5. Yup, she nursed the whole time.
5:30 Golden raisins with the skins removed. I hate feeding them to her bc they are SO tedious.
6:30 More beans from lunch. What can I say, she is my child.

And then we nursed before bedtime.
My. Goodness. We are raising a foodie for sure.

Here are some new things Lily is in love with:
Brown rice:
Soaked for 24 hours, cooked, and frozen. This makes things a lot easier when it comes down to meal time. I don't have to go and start cooking it AN HOUR before I want it. I just pop it in the sauce pan with some water, and voila! Brown rice for baby in about 5 minutes. I'm trying this brown rice cracker recipe tomorrow to see if she likes it :]
Guacamole: Sorta... Lily loves avocados, this, we all know. So I started spicing 'em up a little bit for her. Here's how she likes her guac:
1 avocado [yup, the whole thing] halved, pitted, skinned and diced
1/2 diced Roma tomato
1/2 a lime's worth of juice.
1 pinch of sea salt
dash of pepper
Mix well and serve immediately. [and be prepared to clean...]
Greek Yogurt:
Plain* yogurt from goat's milk is ideal. The proteins in goat's milk are much smaller than those in cow's milk making them MUCH easier to digest. This is good to remember for those of you who are lactose intolerant, too!
*A good rule of thumb for you and you're baby to follow: Don't buy flavored products. They often contain an excessive amount of sugar and preservatives. Instead, buy plain and add your own toppings. It tastes better, and sometimes even costs less!

On top of that we keep her supplements simple, and regular:
1 capsule of Tuna Oil
1 capsule of Innate Choice Probiotic
Soon we will add a calcium supplement for her growing teeth!

She eats 2-3 egg yolks a day [1-2 in the morning, and 1 before bed] and pretty much whatever we eat at lunch. She loves food. I love her.
And on the boob front, she is still nursing 4-5 times a day, BUT has been sleeping through the night! I don't even know what to do with myself yet! It may not last, and that's fine. I honestly wake up and HOPE she's waking up because I feel like my boobs are gonna explode. But she doesn't... I've been having to pump in the mornings bc it gets pretty uncomfortable, but I know she's getting sleep, and it's such a relief!

So, there you have it! Email me with any questions [or suggestions!] that you have :]


***Always ask your family doctor before introducing new foods to your baby's diet.

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Mommypotamus said...

I love that she'll eat egg yolks for you! I have to sneak them into Katie's food.