Friday, April 23, 2010

A morning in our garden

For some picture practice, I got up this morning to take some pictures of our garden. We have a 7[ish]'X2' spot in the back underneath Lily's window for salad items; lots of swiss chard, butter lettuce, romaine, and tomatoes :]

Everything is starting to sprout and bloom! Check it out!

As soon as I opened her window...dirt.

aaaand into the mouth.

I'm one lucky mama

lettuce sprouts

swish chard

Tomato plant one

Complete with our first tomato!
Dear cute tomato, Please get big and juicy and inspire all of the other slackers on our plant to get to growing :]

Dear Stupid bug, get the heck away from my tomato. I will squash you like the demon nutrition sucker you are....

And here's tomato plant number 2

I crawled out of the window to get more pictures. This is one of those "Do what I say, not what I do" moments... Silly baby

We're also growing lavender and Lilies here:

And we have a lemon tree, complete with some seriously cute lemon buds.

And this is where the flippin birds at the bloom

I've got some sunflowers growing in the pot that I made Eamon [complete with squash babies] for one of his wedding presents.

When we came back inside, I closed the window so Lily [AND Rusty] couldn't get out, but she still tried to scoot UNDER the two inch gap...

And ended up loosing a book.

Well! There's a look at our salad garden! Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Mommypotamus said...

Oh I love your little garden! Makes me wish I had planted more, but it just wasn't feasible this year. Daniel is going to freak if we sell this house and he has to transport our tomato plants. They are in huge, HEAVY pots. I'm pretty sure that's all I'm going to get away with.

Mae Burke said...

Haha! I'm afraid if we move our tomatoes won't have fruited enough and all my efforts will be lost! LOL