Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O' the Irish

Last year Eamon told me I didn't need to wear green on St. Patrick's Day because "you've had a little bit of Irish in you." Isn't he sweet? [insert HUGE eyeroll...who is he, Matt Damien?]

For all his talk about his Irish heritage -dad is first generation, grew up on the docks of Boston, Eamon and his brother have "done enough Catechism to be priests"- I have never benefited from the Luck of the Irish that is supposed to come with hailing from the most beautiful, superior, and awe-inspiring place in the world.

When we were dating, I always noticed that nothing worked out for Eamon. He had the worst luck in the world. Bank accounts went haywire on a regular basis, cars went kaput, injuries were was never ending. Then we got married.
My identity got stolen, bank accounts were overdrawn by about $2000, my car bit the bullet...all of a sudden I was no longer the good luck charm in our relationship, I too fell under the spell of bad luck.

So as I sit here, wondering how the heck I have done nothing but clean for two weeks and my house is still a wreck, 39 weeks pregnant with a mini watermelon [according to], I wonder if Eamon's Irish luck will finally kick in. Will I get my St. Patty's Day baby? Or will this baby just hang around and be an April Fool's baby? [Oh Lord...I could still be pregnant in April...ooooy...] 

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

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