Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

No. Baby.
It's probably bored to death like we are, lol.

Today was absolutely, mind numbingly boring for me. I'm sure the rest of the family would describe it as "uneventful" but for some reason I'm just out of my mind bored.

Last night/this morning, baby punched me SO HARD in the cervix that I was sure that my water just popped [which didn't happen until I was pushing with Lily, so I'm not totally sure what that feels like, but I'm assuming that since I'm not walking around looking like I peed myself, that wasn't what it was] but other than body's done nada. I tweeted earlier that I'm not quite so sure that my body knows it's supposed to have a baby soon. It's just behaving so differently this time around! Yes, I should be grateful that I'm not working through 2 weeks of cramps and mucus, or days of per-dermal labor, but it makes me feel like my body's being lazy!

I know it will only be a few more days [please sweet Jesus, only a few more days...] but all this sitting around is making my mind wander...and that's never a good thing!

Last night I went out to my birth center for a "belly painting pj party." It was lots of fun and I got to see other mamas and get cold sticky paint rubbed on me.
Can you guess which belly is my 40+ weeks belly??? Huuuuuuge....

I will leave you with a list of things I've said today
"The baby will come when it's good and ready!"
"This baby is never going to come out."
"Maybe sextractions will help?"
"Well if the chili doesn't give me contractions, at least I'll be less bored because of all the pooping"
"But I don't want to have a two hour labor!"
and of course,
"Lily, don't stick cheese up your nose"

Hope you all had a fun, more eventful weekend than I did ;]


Tana A said...

You are funny. The baby IS coming, the baby IS coming. If you can get past the "ugh, when is it going to be OVER" stage, and have a little honeymoon period of the last day(s) of just you and Eamon and Lily, it can actually be sort of fun...sort of. And that punch in the cervix had to be good for a little bit of dilation, right? One less contraction you'll have to do, at least!

Keri Duckett Photography said...
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Keri Duckett Photography said...

This is EXACTLY how I felt before I had H. My body showed zero signs. I was like, what the heck shouldn't you be doing something in there? Hang in sista ;)

Anonymous said...