Monday, March 7, 2011

So much for trying

When I got pregnant I promised myself I wouldn't fall into the "You can have a baby any minute now since you're 37 weeks." mindset...

Welp, so much for trying.
EVERY. NIGHT. I dream about labor, holding the baby, calling the midwives...SOMETHING. Last night I dreamed that I had just woken up [don't you hate that?!?] and went to the bathroom to find "the big show" When I woke up for real I thought that I had just gone back to sleep and should call Eamon to let him know.
Then I realized it was a dreamed I was slightly ticked off...Ok, I was really ticked off, but I'd probably lose half my readers if I wrote down the actual thoughts I had...

Last time was so different, I had distractions.
I had our one year anniversary to keep me busy, then moving, then my birthday. There were little things every week that even if I didn't have the baby, I would still have something to do.
This time I'm just sitting. Waiting. Looking at the storage bin that the birth tub is in. Making double triple sure I have the essentials like Depends, olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, and extra sheets [homebirth can be weird, y'all]. I've organized and reorganized each room multiple times. I keep cleaning up the house so that when my birth team comes home they don't see what kind of pigs we really are.

And I'm still two and a half weeks away from my due date. THREE and a half weeks from when Lily was born...

I was kinda encouraged though when I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed Baby is sitting practically between my knees, see?

So it can't be that much longer...right?

I'm actually praying it happens Friday. Next week is Spring Break at the TCC campus and Eamon will be off, so we'll have a whole week AND an extra weekend of just the four of us if the baby comes this weekend. But it's really just not likely.

How on Earth am I going to distract myself without putting myself in labor? Ugh.

Lastly, if you haven't already, go enter the big Hip Green Baby giveaway by telling me what your predictions for this baby are! So far you guys are thinkin boy ;]



joannalee said...

i guess i've got pretty good odds of winning then! ;) you guys could always, you know, every night and morning, to try to speed things up =)

gingeranette said...


gingeranette said...


gingeranette said...

7 lbs, 13 oz.