Friday, February 18, 2011


You know what I love about blogs? This sort of community you can have with someone you've never met.
Spiritually, I've met Chelsea from Three Birds, and started talking to her on a personal level because it just got deep so quick!
In the Mommyhood world, I sorta stalked this trio turned quartet over at Pacing the Panic Room. It made sense because their little girl, Tessa is just a few weeks older than Lily. Then I found Emery Jo over at moms are for everyone! because our pregnancies are lined up [almost to the day!] this time around.

You've seen the instances where the Lord has been working on something in Chelsea's heart then starts doing the same in mine, but sometimes there are much more practical everyday occurances that happen that make me scream "ME TOO!" from my birthing ball in front of my computer.

For instance:
A few weeks ago we went to the park and there was this irritating little girl shouting at the top of her lungs, FOR TWENTY FREAKIN MINUTES
"D-I-N-O-S-A YOU ARE A DINOSAUR!" I went clear to the other side of the park to avoid Lily trying to copy her. This is one of the many times I hate going to the park. Kids swearing at the ripe old age of 4, other moms letting their kids be complete d-bags. OH, I AM that mom who says something. So I rolled over laughing when I read this post about little Tessa and her daddy going through the same thing.

Then, as I was preparing to blog about this week, I read Emery Jo's Valentine's Day experience...Holy Cow. Yup, The Flu & 35 weeks Pregnant is right! Monday night I was supposed to bring sushi to one of my newly newborn'd friends and bash The Bachelor while we coo'd over her little girl...but my lungs decided they wanted to leave my body and never come back. Then Lily and I both got fever. Her's got up to about 105 so we went to the ER and found out we had Flu A. BUT, Thank GOD it only lasted about 24 hours. We've both still got a little bit of a cough, but the doctors said it'd probably stick around for a few boo to that, but ya for no fever!

And now: some random pictures!

Lily being totally pathetic and passed out at the hospital. Her head was right on Baby's feet and it kept karate kicking her in the head and waking her up :]

When we were taking my weekly picture [which looks like total crap, I know] I let Lily take some pictures of Eamon being goofy. She LOVES playing photographer.

Eamon begged me not to post these...oops.

Lily got into some phantom lip gloss that she found while I was moving our lemon tree outside to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL spring weather we've been having here in Texas.

Last night I did about $30+ worth of laundry at the laundry mat. It was quite the experience...and work out! I was running from machine to machine for over an hour before I got a break...I guess I needed the exercise anyway.

And here's how Baby's lookin these days:

My 200th blog post is coming up soon! I've got a fun game and an amazing giveaway planned, I'm so excited :]
To keep my organized, I've got to figure out what the next couple of posts are gonna be about to get me to the big 2-0-0! Here's what you can expect:

Baby Burke To Do List
Meet Our Birth Team.
Who's Gotta Potty?
Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!
What Pregnancy Has Taught Lily: The Sequel

I left some room to allow blogging material for whatever natural disaster/poop explosion/blessings may come along until then :]
Have a great weekend friends! Enjoy the sunshine!!!



Chelsea said...

I had a lady friend at church recently who had cancer cells on her uterus-went back to the dr to have them removed and they were NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! He was amazed and shocked but she said, "I'm not shocked, my god is a healer!" When a friend has a baby who is sick and says, "Conrad's next!" since they played together, in my head i'm thinking, "Nope! My god is a healer! He wont get sick in Jesus name!" and I pray against sickness. I love stories like that. So when that Dr says you'll be sick for weeks, smile, and reject that statement because Your god is a healer!

I'm glad we've become friends and you've ministered to me so much-in life and in my pregnancy! ;) I always think of you when I imagine my birth and think, "If God can give mae a healthy delivery, he can do the same for me!" I'm so blessed that he spoke that word to me this week too. What an encouragement!

I can't believe it's almost time for the baby to come! I'm SO excited!

**The gloss photos of lily are too funny!

Mommypotamus said...

This weeks pic does NOT look like crap. I love it in fact! You look so cute with that blanket wrapped around you and your pouty face ; - )