Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sticks & Spit

I'm in hardcore [I just saw someone else on another blog say "Hard Cord" and lol'd pretty good] nesting mode. It's been kind of hard with both babies building a sufficient nest not knowing how long we'll be in this apartment, or the next one, or the next house. I kind of feel like I always have to keep everything in a condition to where it is easily picked up and moved out. It sucks.

But today I got some things for me and Baby to make our nest a little cozier

We got this rocker [on sale, what what!] for our room. We didn't get a rocker with Lily til she was many months old, and it broke right under my big fat butt a few months ago. It's been something that Eamon's really wanted me to have for Lily, and now Baby.
It'll be nice to have a quiet little space for the two of us that's not in my bed.

Speaking of bed...
Eamon told me before we had Lily that we could get a new bed set...but that never happened. So we've had the same "Bed in a Bag" set that we got from Walmart the night we got married so we could have something to sleep on [it's HIDEOUS!] But since we have a California King now [Thank you Katie and Dusty!] Eamon and I decided that we definitely need to get new sheets and such because these don't fit and will get ruined during the birth since they are currently the biggest sheets/blankets we have. SO I was given permission to buy this lovely set from Target [again, ON SALE!] today to have ready for after the birth. 

I'm already pretty excited about getting into clean, new sheets [in my sexy Depends] holding my sweet, squishy new baby after our herbal bath. *Sigh....*

I've also been taking inventory of gender neutral onsies and pj's, all of our cloth diapers, covers, and wipes, making list after list of what needs to be done [freezer meals, laundry, activity plan for Lily & Eamon, bills] before Baby gets here, and trying to Baby proof Lily the house before we have another tiny one scooting around here.

In all of my list making, I've realized something though-You don't need a lot for babies. You really don't!! With that in mind:
What do you get for a new sibling when you don't know the sex? Does it really effect things that much? [I think it might] What are your essentials for your newborn baby?

Hope you're having a great weekend!!!


Chelsea said...

i say, dont ruin the sheets, get a cheap mattress that's waterproof and put that on your bed so nothing gets ruined. we purchased an amazing mattress with our wedding money and a few months into being married, I had that dream where you're peeing (and I ACTUALLY peed....) so now we have a mysterious stain on our mattress and it's quite embarrassing when we move. Get a mattress pad on your mattress! Cal King sheets are expensive!

Anyway! I have a rocker for conrad too and it's one of my fav. things in the world. It's so fun to read him stories and rock at night. I still rock him. There's nothing like rocking him in his dark cozy room in the middle of the day before nap. I feel like part of the reason he's SUCH a great sleeper is because we have black out curtains. I used to put him to bed at 6pm when it was still bright out and he went right to sleep.

rachel.lyn said...

there were only a few things i really needed: furniture for her room (because olivia is still in her crib!), but the NUMBER ONE THING was diapers! however, if you are cloth diapering, this won't be an issue :) but for me, with the second baby, there really wasn't much else. especially since it was another girl. she has more clothes than any baby should be allowed to have thanks to her older sister and cousin! haha

joannalee said...

i don't have any tips, but YAY for cal kings! we got ours when julia was 4 days old and we LOVE it! sheets are hard to find though. we still only have the original 2 sets we bought for it.