Monday, February 21, 2011

What Pregnancy Has Taught Lily: The Sequal

About four months ago, I wrote this post about all the little things that Lily has "learned" about pregnancy. With only a few weeks left, Lily has learned a few more things that most children didn't know about pregnancy, let's take a look.

Lily on Christmas morning learning from her "Big Book of Words" book

Angela is "the Baby Lady"
Last week while I was frantically cleaning the house as to not embarrass myself  waiting patiently for Angela to show up at our house for our appointment, I heard Lily at the window screaming "BABY!!! BABY BABY BABY!!!" I thought she had seen a baby in the parking lot or something, and went to investigate. Instead, what I saw was our midwife unloading her equipment from her trunk. I couldn't help but laugh as Lily proceeded to leave the window sill and run in circles around our living room screaming "BABY BABY BABY!!!" I'm starting to wonder if she thinks Angela is just gonna bring a baby to the birth...

You can easily outrun a pregnant lady
After figuring out that she can hide behind things that I just cannot fit behind anymore, Lily quickly figured out that if it comes down to it, she can outrun me. Eamon got to witness this yesterday when we went grocery shopping. We got down the stairs and were waiting near the parking lot. When Eamon came out, Lily took off. It's not a busy parking lot or anything, but that's not the point. Homegirl FLEW past me and proceeded to weave through the cars. Eamon watched his almost 9 month pregnant wife run around in the bent over "get your ass back here" run trying to catch his year and a half old, giggling toddler. After I gave him the "WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?!?" look, he busted out laughing...such loving support in our marriage I tell ya.

Coconut oil is for your hoo-ha
So this one is pretty embarrassing...but it's definitely been something in Lily's learning process. When I'm pregnant, I get a yeast infection. Last time I had it from  TWELVE weeks on, this time I've had it for about 8 weeks, so it hasn't been nearly as long, but it has sucked. Major. My midwife has been very encouraging with natural remedies [despite the fact that I ate AN ENTIRE PAN of lemon squares I made within a three day period. I'm not kidding. out of a 9x13 pan, Eamon ate two...] to help me cure this dreaded infection. One of them is coconut oil. And I tell you, it works miracles! The itching and burning [whoagross] are virtually gone when I use it, but there has been one unexpected side effect...Lily thinks that this alternative cooking oil is to rub on your lady parts. Come on moms, you know it's been an eternity since you've used the bathroom without an audience. Lily watches my every move some days, this is no exception. So when I saw her reach into our container of coconut oil, and wipe herself with it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at my failure. I thought telling her "No no Lily, that's just for mama" might make it better. Nope. What did she proceed to do? Try to help me out by reaching her hand to my nether-region...Oh Lord. That pass was quickly intercepted.

Pregnant women cry...A LOT
It's no secret, pregnant women are hormonal. Ok, well maybe not all of them, but this one IS. Lily has started doing the sweetest thing whenever I'm having a "moment" She's started wiping my tears. She'll come up, right in my face, take my glasses off if I'm wearing them, and gently wipe away all of my tears. She'll say "Oh, sweet baby. I know, I know" and give me a big hug. I think we have a very empathetic little girl on our hands :] It's so sweet.

Well, we have our birth class tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited! It's cool not being the noob in class ;]
Happy Monday!


Chelsea said...

I give you credit for going the natural remedy route with your yeast infection. I wouldn't have been able to wait through it that long! ;)

Conrad hit me in the ear today with a plastic cow and it hurt SO bad. He turned and gave me a hug when he realized he hurt me. I was proud that he's learning not to beat on me as much!

Only a few more weeks!!!!!

Jessica said...

Oh Mae! I must confess I have been stalking your blog for a while now. Do you even remember me from Lifetime? :) Anyway, this post made me laugh out loud and I had to say something. Girls are so funny aren't they? Allison used to ask me if I was wearing a diaper when I would put on pantyliners and she would try and put them on herself too. This morning I found her trying to put my bra on. I'm so excited for you and your coming little one! We are on the starting out side of #3!! (I'm 10 weeks) Two was a little crazy for the first couple of weeks, I was wondering what I had done! But alas, it got better and now we are adding another. Praying it all goes well for you :)

Mae Burke said...

Chelsea, it really does suck, but I don't take any kind of medication normally, and sticking chemicals up my vajay-jay while pregnant seems a little...weird,lol. BUT I told Angela a long time ago that if we just can't get rid of it, prescription it is! I got a baby comin out of there and would rather it not be covered in yeast [BARF] And yay for raise boys that don't beat women ;]

Jessica, HA! Stalk away my friend! I do remember you! I remember your sweet little girl and I think I saw pictures that Keri took of you! Can't believe it's been long enough that you're on number 3! Congrats!