Monday, February 28, 2011

A Quicky


That's what I've been saying a lot of these days. I'm definitely in the uncomfortable part of my pregnancy, I feel like Baby is just SO low...but it's probably all in my head.

Do you see this? [Ignore the Lily just woke up and there is crap all over my floor mess] This baby is huge...and low. The front of my belly pushes out my panties...Another month of this is gonna be the end of me. BUT I'm not sick of being pregnant yet. Yes I want to meet this little baby, yes I really want to wear normal clothes again, but I know as soon as he/she is here I'm going to wish they were still in my belly, nice and warm, safe from Lily's and Rusty's slobber.

Every other day it seems like the weather is finally gonna warm up for good, but it never really makes up it's mind. I'm so ready for the pool...sigh.

And about yesterday's post.
I've never had to moderate my comments as much as I did yesterday, you guys got way, way, way fired up. My post was meant to 1) Introduce my birth team to you all 2) Say it's stupid to insult people for their marriage/parenting decisions. This is MY blog and I was defending MY choice to birth how we see fit, if I can't do it here, where can I? I felt like I got a LOT of backhanded complements, and contradictory encouragements. My intentions were not at all to offend anyone, make anyone feel like they are less of a mother/parent for not having a midwife/home birth, or preach about doctors. [So the "Well I just pray that you don't need those idiot, unexperienced doctors. Not all of us our superwoman." comments were really hurtful and rude.] I really love all of my readers and hope that I didn't offend you yesterday :\

I've got one more post planned before the big's probably gonna be about poop again ;]
OH! And look over there <<<<< I've got a nifty little poll! Go vote!

Happy Monday!


Stephanie said...

You seriously look like you are all baby! I can't wait to find out who the Lord has knit together in your womb. :) I am thinking it is a Rhys. We'll see!!

And I am sorry about the comments yesterday. I didn't see any of them, but it sounds like you had a rough go of it with them. :(

Chelsea said...

Your belly is super cute! i cant believe the baby is almost here!!! how exciting!

I wouldn't worry about the comments to much mae. That's the thing about the "blog world" your life up for others to have an opinion and voice it-even if it is your blog. I've gotten comments that I didnt' really like many times and have had to defend myself (which is dumb, we should have to defend ourselves.) but we're all very passionate about our opinions.

Had it not been for other moms who have spoken wisdom (in a non-judgmental way) into my life and empowered me as a mother by informing me of certain things, I wouldn't know what I know now. In "blog land" if you say that you think breastfeeding is the way to go and you would never do anything else for your baby, it might come off as judgmental to the mom who had no one behind her empowering her to keep going - resulting in a failed attempt etc etc. Maybe people thought that your excitement about your birth team and your opinion came off as judgmental? Unfortunately all of these issues are so dear to our hearts and there are a lot of emotions attatched to them. I wouldn't worry about it though. We open ourselves up for critisism when we have blogs. I've experienced it and it's annoying but it happens and you have to take it or leave it. I'm glad you left it and didnt' publish them.

;) ps, i'm meeting with my doula in a week! ;) I'm very excited about it. I'll have to chat with you about it.

rachel.lyn said...

oh how i love that baby belly <3
i am missing mine!