Monday, May 2, 2011

Bath Time at the Burkes

When Lily was this little, Eamon didn't get home til 10:30 at night, on the weekend it was after midnight. He never got to give her itty bitty self a bath. Tonight, he got to finally give one of his newborn girls a bath :]

Look at her tiny little hand!

And bath time was not exclusive to Norah. Lily had to be hosed down after her artichoke/butter adventure tonight

She got up really close to Eamon like "Why you takin my picture?" She's adorable.

 Happy Monday :]


rachel.lyn said...

aww, that little sweet pea is getting so big!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of the way you feed Lily! You're such a good mom :)
Those pics made my morning so happy.

Mae Burke said...

She almost doesn't fit in the sink anymore!! I can't let her get in the bath with Lily though...she might drown her!
Thanks Paige :]