Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Win

So this weekend has been pretty great.
Yesterday we just played around in Central Market all morning, came home, took a great nap, made pizza, put the girls to bed, watched some of Robin Hood, and went to sleep. It was great.

This morning...
I wake up to find I won THIS!!! People. This is fantastic. I'm going to take the next week or so to menu plan and write a good grocery list but I wanted to share a few reasons why I'm so excited about this.

  1. I think it will help me with my PPD. Clearing out my body of toxins can only help balance my hormones and I'm SO excited about that.
  2. Norah will have clean milk! We're finally seeing some progress on the spit up front over here, but when I did this with Lily she turned into a completely different baby! She did so well with nice, clean milk and she COMPLETELY stopped spitting up. It was amazing.
  3. I've been in a recipe slump. We pretty much have the same 7 meals every week so I'm excited to get back into the kitchen and really get creative. And with the help of Mommypotomus's New E-Book chock full of recipes specifically designed for the cleanse, it will be so much easier. AND with the start of summer, all of the best produce is in season. YUM.
  4. My three year anniversary is the summer solstice at the end of June :] How nice will it be to walk into our anniversary [maybe a few pounds lighter?] fresh off the cleanse?

We're planning on starting May 29th [Eamon will be going to Rockport the week before, so it'd probably be best to wait til he gets back.] In the meantime we'll be buying him another Berkey Bottle [hydration is KEY to keeping headaches away] , meal planning, putting together an exercise plan for us individually [YAY SIX WEEKS!!!!] and enjoying [?] our last few days of sugar.

Ok, well, Daddy's off with Lily to get crawfish for tonight [that probably isn't allowed on the cleanse, lol] so I should try to squeeze in a nap :]

I'll leave you with this picture of Lily. She dressed herself yesterday morning and wore this to the grocery store.


Sarah R said...

Lily is just too cute! We just bought a Berkey water filter for the entire house and just love it, except that it takes up a huge portion of my counter. I can't stop drinking I've been dehydrated for years and didn't know it. It is just delicious! Congrats on your winning the cleanse...I am thinking of doing that for myself.

Mae Burke said...

We are saving up for the full system, I can't wait to get it! We had the big ozarka jugs on our counters for a while, so we're kinda used to the lack of space ;]

Mommypotamus said...

Congrats, Mae! The book is in your inbox :)

wonderchris said...

That outfit is adorable!!