Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life is Picture Perfect

Last night we had Lily's in-laws over and Lily stole Dusty's glasses. She was tripping out. It was hilarious.

Go check out the photography blog! I posted the rest of the pictures from my recent "In Mama's Arms" shoot. Ah, I'm in love with them!

Right after I took those ^ pictures [which was right after Keri took her newborn pictures!] Keri took some pictures of my girls and me :]



We had our weekly Central Market date today.

Lily's making a habbit of wearing her hijab every time we go...we get looks people...lots of looks.

 Fantastic news! One of my best friends from High School, Kathleen, just graduated from A&M [Summa Cum Laude - Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Minor in Psychology] and has moved up to the Metroplex for PT school!!!

I loved seeing her play with my girls...sigh. Hurry up and get married and have some babies!!!

Oh, And Norah's getting too big for our sink...STOP GROWING!!

Hope you all are having an AMAZING weekend! Eamon leaves to go to Rockport on a business trip tomorrow and I'll be stuck at home with the little ones til WEDNESDAY!!! If I update about losing my will know why.
Happy Saturday,


Kathleen Elise said...

Find me a Jesus-loving man! :] I absolutely loved seeing you and your beautiful girls. I had way too much fun with Lily! I adore her and her dramatics.

Chelsea said...

such sweet photos of you and your little ones!