Thursday, May 5, 2011


Thank you, Chelsea, for pointing me over to this site last week. My husband greatly appreciates the objectification.

DILF: Dad I'd Like to...ahem...well. You get it. Well, I did anyway. Hence the two kids. [And now ladies and gentlemen, the female Michael Scott!]

 "MO-OOOOOM!!! Why must you be so gross?!?!"

Do you see this baby?!

Yep, her. I think it's safe to say...

She loves her daddy.
[melt my stone cold heart, RIGHT?!?]

Well here's the thing.
So do I.
And after 12 weeks of abstaining because of a lovely yeast colony that likes to invade my body while pregnant, and the whole "You just pushed 8 pounds out, ain't nothin' goin' in for 6 weeks" rule. I'm dyin. You heard me. Dying. AND WHAT MAKES IT WORSE? Looking at all of these pictures of him GUSHING over our daughters. Kill me now, Jesus. Kill me now.

Seriously though. Why, OH, why does your man always look hotter holding a baby? It just doesn't make sense. You see the screaming, pooping mess that result in your compliment of "Hey Sexy" and know you should keep it to yourself...but nooOOOOOooo. I guess this is why I had two kids in three years. Lord help me.


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