Monday, May 16, 2011

"But I Don't Want Anyone Else To Look At My Hoo-Ha!"

On Friday I had my last appointment with Angela
I'd be lying if I said I fought back tears all day thinking about the reality of it being over.

We were getting ready for the PAP [oh ya, it's lady business talk time] and I felt like I had to fart. Angela was telling me about her marriage seminar she's been going to at her church and was being so complimentary about mine and Eamon's marriage...but all I could think was "Oh my god...I'm gonna fart in her face. Please, dear Jesus, do not let me fart in her face." The only thing I remember saying when I started pushing during Norah's labor was "OH NO, I THINK I POOPED!" and to my mortification, they all said "It's okay, Mae." But I had no control over that situation. How embarrassing would it be to hop up on the table, saddle up in the stirrups, and let one rip right in her face?

LUCKILY, Lily provided me an opportunity to step outside of the room by screaming for me, so I silently farted, and came back in ready to go :]

Angela is not only amazing for dealing with my concerns, legit or completely crazy [or both], she's become a dear friend.

 Take One

 Take Two

Take...We've taken too many, but YAY! We got one!

Every night since Norah's birth I've been scheming of ways to get back up here for our next pregnancy [Lord, please give me a little more space between Norah and the next...PLEASE] or at least the birth because I just don't want to do it without her! Thank you SO much for catching both of my babies, Angela, and for blessing our family in such a huge way.

Oh, and here's a little Norah Love...just because.

Happy Monday!


Sarah R said...

Is it wrong how hard I laughed? One time I was at the chiropractor and he cracked my back so loud that I thought I farted. I instantly froze on the table and he said, "Don't worry, that was your back!" But I swear it sounded like a huge teenage boy eating burritos kind of fart.

Chelsea said...

You are too funny Mae! ;)