Friday, May 13, 2011

Slow Down

Six Weeks. She's six weeks old...

She's eleven and a half pounds as of yesterday...meaning she gains about a half pound a week :] Fatty.

And while playing around with my bows...I wondered what it would be like if Norah turned out to be a Rhys. It would be adorable. That's what.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME! Seems to be Lily's motto lately. 

Yes, she's driving me crazy, but can you really stay mad at this?
She'll be TWO in TWO freakin months!! Holy crap. How did this happen?

I wish she was past making out with people for kisses...but we'll get there.

I really wish this was a better picture, but I'm glad I got it ;]

I'm doing good. Some days are still worse than others, but prioritizing, keeping up with my supplements and having some amazing prayer warriors have been helping a lot. For the most part, I'd just wish these girls would slow down and let me catch up. I still feel like I'm waiting for Norah some days, and others I feel like Lily LITERALLY needs to slow the flip down so I can put some pants on her. But, you win some, you lose some ;]

Oh, I have THE most horrible toothache on the planet. I'm considering Castaway-ing it. I'd push out babies all day if it meant I could get rid of this stupid toothache. Blegh.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week :]

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